Leading GOP senator introduces gun control bill on eve of Virginia special session

RICHMOND — A powerful Republican lawmaker has opened the door to one type of gun restriction as lawmakers and interest groups converge Tuesday on the State Capitol for a special...

Cody Wilson sets his legal sights on Shopify

Cody Wilson is no stranger to litigation. Having spent the better part of five years locked in a battle against the State Department over the legality of 3D printed files,...

Washington State Wants to Snatch Gun for WrongThink

The idea behind Extreme Risk Protective Orders, otherwise known as “Red Flag Orders” is that they can be used to disarm those considered to be a threat to themselves...

Washington Redefines All Semi-Automatic Rifles as ‘Assault Weapons’

A ballot initiative bans the sale of these weapons to adults younger than 21. By: Jacob Sullum January 3, 2019 As of Tuesday, adults younger than 21 are no longer allowed...

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The House passed 2 gun control bills, but Democrats aren’t in a rush to...

Judiciary chairman expects to take up more gun legislation but not until after June House Democrats took a victory lap this week as their new...

Rhode Island: Senate Will Consider 3D Gun Bill This Week

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a substitute amendment to S.84 and passed the bill out of committee.  Having previously been held for...