California: Firearm Excise Tax Bill Fails to Meet Fiscal Deadline While Other Gun Control...

Last week, the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees took up their respective suspense files ahead of the Friday, May 17, fiscal deadline. Some of the more egregious...

Councilman Mitchell Englander quits blocking gun-rights group on Twitter after complaint

When a gun-rights group wanted to sound off about a new proposal from Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander, it went to Twitter to respond to him...

New law exempts retired reserve officers from Calfornia magazine ban

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Monday that allows retired reserve officers in the state to keep magazines that are deemed “large capacity” and banned...

Lott: 7.14% of Americans Have Carry Licenses, Up 273% Since 2007

John Lott has released a new report that has a lot of bad news for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. His research shows that 7.14% of Americans...

Washington Redefines All Semi-Automatic Rifles as ‘Assault Weapons’

A ballot initiative bans the sale of these weapons to adults younger than 21. By: Jacob Sullum January 3, 2019 As...

Ventura County Fairgrounds board decides to keep Gun Shows

The Ventura County Fairgrounds will host three more gun shows this year, the board that oversees the state-owned grounds decided on a 5-3 vote Tuesday.

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The House passed 2 gun control bills, but Democrats aren’t in a rush to...

Judiciary chairman expects to take up more gun legislation but not until after June House Democrats took a victory...

Rhode Island: Senate Will Consider 3D Gun Bill This Week

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a substitute amendment to S.84 and passed the bill out of committee.  Having previously been...