Program arming Alabama administrators ‘active’: details secret

In response to mass shootings across the country, Alabama officials have agreed to allow the arming of some administrators. Details of the program, however, remain shrouded in secrecy. The Alabama...

Alabama man charged with illegally selling guns across US, Mexico

Prosecutors are charging an Alabama man with illegal gun sales in a case that involves weapons advertised online at and shipped to buyers in Mexico, New York and California, court...

Alabama sheriff’s office seeks to shame dissenters on Facebook

By Jesslyn Blake | Black Rifle United--July 21, 2019 The Walker County Sheriff's Office sought to shame Facebook critics on Saturday with a lengthy and scathing post about a new...

Tougher Alabama law aimed at plague of stolen firearms

Law enforcement officials say a move to increase the penalty for having a stolen gun in Alabama will be an important tool in keeping streets and neighborhoods safer and...

Gun-Giving Dealership Forced To Stop By Ford

Last week, I wrote about the Alabama Ford dealership that was giving out certificates for shotguns, as well as a flag and a Bible, for each new truck being...

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The House passed 2 gun control bills, but Democrats aren’t in a rush to...

Judiciary chairman expects to take up more gun legislation but not until after June House Democrats took a victory lap this week as their new...

Rhode Island: Senate Will Consider 3D Gun Bill This Week

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a substitute amendment to S.84 and passed the bill out of committee.  Having previously been held for...