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The enforcement problems with gun-grabbing ‘red flag’ laws are even worse than you think

by Donald Kilmer | August 17, 2019 Everyone is debating “red flag” laws like they’re some new thing, but California has had variations of them for decades. We call them...

Ivanka Trump talking to lawmakers about gun reform legislation: report

BY JUSTIN WISE - 08/13/19 08:27 AM EDT White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump has reportedly been talking with members of Congress about gun legislation in the wake of mass shootings in Ohio and...

Trump explores executive action on guns

By GABBY ORR 08/05/2019 President Donald Trump is exploring ways to use regulatory power and executive action to curb gun violence after a pair of deadly shootings over the weekend...

US mass shootings: Trump condemns racism and white supremacy

President Donald Trump has condemned hatred and white supremacy in a public address following mass shootings that left 31 dead in Texas and Ohio. He called for mental health gun...

National Rifle Association Board Members Resign In Protest

The infighting at the National Rifle Association continued Thursday as three board members who had previously asked the gun-rights group to audit its financial and legal activity resigned. Esther Schneider,...

Are Google and Facebook censoring conservatives? The problem is bigger than that.

The White House recently hosted a Social Media Summit, inviting about 200 conservatives and right-wing activists to discuss their allegations that Facebook and Twitter censor their messaging. The summit capped a year of...

CA judge rules semi-auto rifles not protected under 2nd Amendment

JULY 29, 2019 CHERYL HINNEBURG A federal judge in California ruled last week that banning semi-automatic rifles is not a violation of the right to bear arms as afforded by...

Left-Wing ‘Fact-Checker’ Snopes Is Trying To Deplatform Babylon Bee

The fact-checking website Snopes.com, wrote a “fact-check” article questioning the satirical nature of the Babylon Bee. Snopes has fact-checked the Babylon Bee many times before. An insider to the fact-check world told The...

Vets Who Use Medical Marijuana Shouldn’t Have to Give Up Second Amendment Rights

BEN MCDONALD | 6.20.2019 3:05 PM Despite many states legalizing medical marijuana, the fact that it remains illegal under federal law has forced some U.S. military veterans into a difficult choice....

DOJ to investigate big tech over censorship, anti-trust concerns

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced it's beginning a review into whether tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter have been stifling competition, suppressing innovation and harming...

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The House passed 2 gun control bills, but Democrats aren’t in a rush to...

Judiciary chairman expects to take up more gun legislation but not until after June House Democrats took a victory lap this week as their new...

Rhode Island: Senate Will Consider 3D Gun Bill This Week

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a substitute amendment to S.84 and passed the bill out of committee.  Having previously been held for...