Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, following popular Arizona opinion that gun ownership is a constitutional right that the Federal Government should not infringe, signed a bill into law for Arizona, allowing the state to preempt federal gun laws. Tuscon Arizona’s mayor Regina Romero and its City Council unfamiliar with the constitution, giving it no weight, and in support of laws that would imprison Tucson’s citizens unanimously adopted a resolution that would allow prosecution and detention of its cities residents in support of those same Federal gun control laws.

On April 6, Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill that allows gun laws in Arizona to preempt federal gun laws.

Ward 6 Council Member Steve Kozachik said the move comes ahead of potential changes at the federal level.

“The Biden Administration is considering a series of new gun control laws on ghost guns, on expanding background checks, expanding red flag laws, providing resources related to firearms trafficking and a bunch more,” Kozachik said.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero opposed the new law.

“This legislation is irresponsible, its unconstitutional, and its unnecessary,” Romero said.

In response, the Tucson city council unanimously decided to adopt a resolution that would change the laws within the city to follow federal gun laws.

“Federal gun laws will apply regardless of what the state says,” Kozachik said.

The resolution will be ready for the next city council meeting on June 22.

The City of Tucson conducts regularly scheduled partisan elections. These Primary and General Elections are held every odd-numbered year. Upcoming Election Dates
Primary Election – August 3, 2021
General and Special Election – November 2, 2021


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