Nevada Gun Laws
Subject/LawLong gunsHandgunsRelevant statutesNotes
State permit required to purchase?NoNo
Firearm registration?NoNoAs of June 2015, Clark County no longer requires the registration of handguns. There is now state preemption for firearm registration.[103]
Owner license required?NoNo
Permit required for concealed carry?N/AYesNRS 202§3657 – Application and PermittingNRS 202§360 – Prohibited PersonsNevada is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry.
Permit required for open carry?NoNoNV Constitution Article 1 Section 11NRS 503§165 – Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in or on vehicle on or along public way unlawful; exceptions.Open carry is generally permitted throughout the state. For open carry in a vehicle, the firearm may be anywhere except concealed upon the person without a concealed firearm permit.[104][105]
State preemption of local restrictions?YesYesNRS 244§364 – County of 700,000 or moreNRS 268§418 – City of 700,000 or moreNRS 269§222 – Town of 700,000 or moreLocal authorities may regulate the discharge of firearms. Handgun registration in Clark County was grandfathered in, until SB175 (signed into law June 2nd, 2015) removed the authority of the county to register handguns in Nevada.[106]
Assault weapon law?NoNo
Magazine Capacity Restriction?NoNo
NFA weapons restricted?NoNoNRS 202§275  Possession, manufacture or disposition of short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgunNRS 202§350  Manufacture, importation, possession or use of dangerous weapon or silencer18 USC §922(b)4 – Unlawful Transfer27 CFR §478.98 – Sales or deliveries of destructive devices and certain firearms.Possession and ownership of an SBR, SBS, machine gun (selective-fire weapon), or silencer, all NFA items, are subject to federal purview and regulation.[107][108]
Background checks required for private sales?YesYesIn November 2016, Nevada voters approved Ballot Question 1, changing the law to require background checks for private sales.[109] Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt opined that the law is unenforceable.[110][111]A revised version was signed into law on February 15, 2019 to fix the deficiencies of Question 1. The law is set to go into effect in January 2020.[112][113]Some local counties have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in opposition.[114]
Red flag law?YesYesPolice may confiscate firearms from those considered a threat.[115]


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