Idaho Gun Laws
Subject/LawLong gunsHandgunsRelevant statutesNotes
State permit required to purchase?NoNo
Firearm registration?NoNo
Assault weapon law?NoNo
Magazine Capacity Restriction?NoNo
Owner license required?NoNo
Permit required for concealed carry?N/ANoIdaho 18-3302Residents age 18 and older and active military members may carry concealed. Since July 1, 2019 the minimum age for permitless concealed carry within cities is 18. This was a decrease from the previous (July 1, 2016—July 1, 2019) restriction of permitless concealed carry to Idahoans age 21 and older and active military members.[58][59] Permitless carry will also be expanded to any weapon.[60] Nonresidents still need a permit to carry concealed within city limits.
Permit required for open carry?NoNoMay carry openly without a permit in a vehicle or on foot.
State Preemption of local restrictions?YesYesCities May regulate the discharge of firearms within their confines or limits.
NFA weapons restricted?NoNoPermitted as long as such possession is in compliance with all federal regulations
Peaceable Journey laws?NoNoFederal rules observed.
Background checks required for private sales?NoNo


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