Alaska Gun Laws
Subject/LawLong gunsHandgunsRelevant StatutesNotes
State permit required to purchase?NoNoNone
Firearm registration?NoNoNone
Assault weapon law?NoNoNone
Owner license required?NoNoNone
Permit required for concealed carry?N/ANoAS 18.65.700 through 18.65.778May carry concealed without permit, though permits can be issued for those who wish to have them.
Permit required for open carry?NoNoNoneMay carry openly without permit/license.
State Preemption of local restrictions?YesYesAS 29.35.145Municipalities may enact and enforce local regulations only if they are identical to, and provide the same penalty as, State law.
NFA weapons restricted?NoNoNone
Shall Certify?YesYesAS 18.65.810Shall certify within 30 days.
Peaceable Journey laws?NoNoNoneFederal rules observed.
Background checks required for private sales?NoNoNone


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