A Landmark law passing in Kentucky could pave the way for similar bills all across The United States. The bill will allow Kentuckians to carry a concealed weapon without a permit or training.

Close to 200 laws are taking effect by the end of the month across Kentucky. One bill, Senate Bill 150, allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without an additional permit.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed the NRA-backed measure, Senate Bill 150, into law Monday. It allows anyone who is legally allowed to own a gun, and is at least 21-years-old, to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in the state of Kentucky.

“Anytime that you pack a firearm, I think that you should be trained. Am I against, you know, everybody packing a gun? No I’m not. But I would truly love for you to be trained,” Deputy Eddie Barnes told LEX 18.

Joshua McFadden teaches gun safety classes, and while he wants every gun owner to be trained he wants people to practice their rights.

“I’m against compelling folks to do things to get a license to operate, to do what they want to do. To practice their rights,” McFadden told LEX 18.

Two law enforcement officers in Powell County believe everyone should have the right to bear arms, but are against this new law.

While they disagree on the bill, both McFadden and Deputy Eddie Barnes believe every gun owner should be trained and to know the laws across state lines.

The law goes into effect in July.

People can still get a concealed carry permit after July, but it will no longer be mandatory. Kentuckians who travel to other states and wish to conceal carry may opt to keep their permit.

The NRA said Kentucky is the 16th state to allow for permit-less conceal carry.

Sourced From:
LEX18 News
Wave 3 News


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