The Ventura County Fairgrounds will host three more gun shows this year, the board that oversees the state-owned grounds decided on a 5-3 vote Tuesday.

But the agreement comes with a condition: Crossroads of the West must adhere to whatever policy the board puts into place as soon as next month. A less likely outcome would mean an end to gun shows altogether, a step the majority of the board hasn’t appeared interested in taking.

Board members M. Cecilia Cuevas, Dan Long and Shanté Morgan-Durisseau voted no. Long said he had gone to several gun shows since being appointed to the board in 2012 and had seen a decrease in both the attendance and the size of the shows. He noted the board at the Cow Palace in Daly City had voted to eliminate the shows, a ban that takes effect Jan. 1. “Things, I think, are changing,” he said.

Cuevas agreed with Long but went further. She said it was true the board had a legal responsibility to protect the grounds and a fiduciary responsibility to make sure it brought enough money to operate. Board members also had the right, as human beings, “to act morally” and consider the concerns of constituents, she said.

The board plans to hold a special meeting June 27 to release a proposed policy on gun shows put together by an ad hoc committee formed to study the issue. President Leslie Cornejo and Vice President Leah Lacayo have been meeting off and on since last year to develop the governing document. Cornejo missed the last meeting, so just Lacayo represented the board at that one. 


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